Audi RS in May 2018 – At the trial this week

The auto is began guide for Toulouse, France, to make speak to with the new Audi RS five Coupe that is the topic of a resizing its engine bartering its atmospheric four.two-liter V8 for a twin-turbo V6 two.9 liters.

The energy of the biturbo V6 remains the similar as that of the atmospheric V8 or 444 horsepower, but the couple”s door has 442 foot-pounds. Also, as the RS five Coupe is constructed on the Volkswagen Group MLB architecture, the weight of the auto is lowered by 60 kg compared to the preceding model. This reduction combined with the improve of the torque suggests a time of about four seconds for the sprint from to 100 km / hour and a 17% reduction of consumption.

The S-Tronic seven-speed box has the anterior model getting unable to cope with the larger torque of the twin-turbo V6, the latter is replaced by an automatic gearbox TipTronic eight reports. Nevertheless, the RS five Coupe retains its permanent integral cog who book 40% of torque to the front axle and 60% at the rear, and a rear sport differential with torque vector distribution is portion of the solutions.

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