Audi TDI SQ7: big, powerful and frugal

At Audi, the letter S denotes higher efficiency variants, we speak of the S3 or S8 by means of all the numbers in in between, each and every stands out with far more highly effective engines and impressive accelerations.

Following the Geneva Auto Show, Audi presented an S version of his largest VU: Right here are the SQ7 TDI, the most highly effective diesel SUV ever created.

The heart of the beast is a new four.-liter V8. As on numerous other engines, two turbochargers are loads improve stress for far more energy. Nevertheless, Audi has also added a third compressor, it is not connected to the exhaust, but has an electric motor. Its process is to send the stress low rpm to compensate for the response time of the turbo (turbo lag) of the two other units.

The outcome is self-Mem: the SQ7 develops 435 hp and impressive torque of 664 foot-pounds. These figures are currently a fantastic guarantee, but it is the way in which the couple arrives who is devoid of preceden: certainly, it is readily available 100% of 000 revolutions / minute! Because this is a diesel engine, Audi is confident he can consume as tiny as 7.four liters per 100 km.

The sale value is not official but-and it is not but particular that this SUV will land on our land – but it starts at 8900 euros in Germany.

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