Beijing, the show of automotive industry in full boil

China is now the country of all the excess and the global auto industry is very conscious. Besides the latter, gives appointment to the International Auto Show in Beijing, as a counterweight to local manufacturers who intend to take advantage of global media coverage of this event.

Increases impressive sales
In 2007, it sold beyond-the 5.5 million cars and around 3 million commercial vehicles, representing sales increases of 15% compared to the figures of the previous year. And it is far from over, since last January, sales increases already reach 21%. Thus, China becomes the largest 2nd running of the automobile in the world, behind the US and ahead of Germany.

A salon that quickly takes gallon
The latter, who is this year in its 10th edition, is held in a new complex, the China International Exhibition Center, a huge and ultra modern. It will once completed, beyond-the 67,000 square meters of multifunctional said spaces, over 40,000 square meters are provided as exposure as spaces. The Beijing Exhibition hosts nearly 500 exhibitors of all kinds, thus coming second the global and local automakers, those who benefit most from Media Coverage of the Show. Thus, more than 225 manufacturers benefit of holding this exhibition to unveil it a hundred novelties, including thirty World Premieres and Asians, not to mention the presentation of fifty concept vehicles. Note that several American, European and Asian manufacturers (other than China) have advertisements producing new models in Chinese soil.

The Americans freed themselves in Beijing
General-Motors wins easily in Chinese soil, it loses in North America. The name Buick is almost regarded as an icon out there and Excelle model, is a hit in terms of sales. Ford took the opportunity to walk its new models european Fiesta, which will soon become globally distributed cars. For its part, Chrysler shows rather shy, without ignoring the importance of that market to discover, including its association with Chery manufacturer.

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The Europeans, accustomed to Asian exhibitions
Fidele the Beijing Fair for several years, the manufacturer Audi unveiled we Premiere World, its compact utility vehicle, the Q5. This is a highly anticipated vehicle on European and US markets. Ditto for Porsche also announced in First World, the return of a Turbo S version of its popular Cayenne model. Mercedes-Benz brings its GLK compact SUV and manufacturing Czechoslovak Skoda Fabia and Octavia presents its models. Volkswagen announced the production in China of its compact Lavida model.

The Japanese and South Koreans embark on the adventure
Of all the Japanese manufacturers present is Nissan benefited from better coverage mediatic, given numerous presentations. Among them, we find the luxury sedan Nissan Teana and a whole new vehicle segment Multi Compact, the Livina based on the Nissan Versa. Mitsubishi announced production in China of some versions of its models Galant and Pajero. Chinese Mazda6 has finally unveiled. South Coreen manufacturer Hyundai unveiled at the Beijing Show, the 2009 Elantra model.

The Chinese feast
Aware that the Beijing Auto Salon International represents an impressive global showcase for local manufacturers, they have thus Enjoy this event to be seen, here also some examples …

Brilliance BS: First Chinese car marketed in Europe.
BYD e: Battery The largest manufacturer in China.
Chery Fair: A range of five cars to separate strong aspects.
FAW Benten: Sedan luxury intermediary, based on the Mazda6.
Geely GT concep: A cutting high performance with its 225 horsepower.
Great Wall Wizar: Mini electric vehicle, offering a range of 85 miles.
Lifan 32: The stops any resemblance to the popular Mini.
Shanghai Roew: A large intermediate sedan Chinese design.
Shuanghuan Noble: Copy Chinese Unauthorized of the Smart Fortwo.
DongFeng C: designed and built in conjunction with Citroen, China.

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Here are some examples of vehicles “Made in China” and others who could know their heyday, in the framework of the 10th edition of the International Auto Show in Beijing. In recent years, more than 60,000 visitors have crossed the turnstiles of this show which is also in full boil.