Bentley Grand Convertible: perfect for sun L.A.

In order to make the most of the hot Los Angeles sun rays, Bentley just presented a idea really close to the production of self Los Angele Lounge: Grand Convertible baptizes, it suggests a direct competitors to the Rolls Royce Drophead.

Regardless of its name, the car or truck is basically a Bentley Mulsanne which withdrew its doors back and grafting a retractable roof. As this is Bentley, the luxury Abond: no much less than 14 SORTED cows on the flap had been produced to contribute to supply the required leather to the creation of the cabin! In a position to accommodate 4 adults, it displays a colour creme and Blue Sequin stitching, colour is also set to honor on the physique (incidentally, this blue has been produced specially for a buyer, who brings a sequin dress belonging to his wife and had asked to have his Rolls is the exact same colour that glitter. the manufacturer, in exchange for various thousand dollars, had graciously accepted). A particular mention to the lid covering the prime soupl: produced in burr walnut varnished and polished till it has a worthy reflection of a mirror, it is the biggest wooden pieces ever mounted on a Bentley .

Below the hood painted in Liquid Silver contrast, there is the V8 twin-turbo six.75-liter Bentley. Right here it develops 530 horsepower and 811 foot-pounds of torque, which need to allow the massive car or truck to move its substantial mass with promptness.

The onlookers can marvel at the Bentley Grand Convertible at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The manufacturing will be interested to close to the reactions of prospective consumers if demand is higher, it could place the car or truck into production …

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