Bentley will turn green in Beijing with a hybrid Mulsanne

To adhere to the globe trend, Bentley will present a hybrid version of its luxury Mulsanne at the Beijing Auto Show.

With a city fuel consumption of 25 liters per 100 kilometers, the Mulsanne is far from a thrifty automobile … Bentley seeks to strengthen its image (and its typical consumption!) By presenting a rechargeable Mulsanne, which could go up to 50 km without having spending a drop of gasoline, although supplying the energy and luxury standard of a Bentley.

The visual aspect of this hybrid automobile is no exception. This idea shows proudly its electric vocation with distinct accents brass. Headlights, brake calipers, badges and different interior accessories are all handpainted with this metal. In addition, a lovely bronze bar runs along the sides of the car, and even the charging station is decorated to match in the automobile!

One particular of the fascinating Components pointed out in the press release, on the other hand, is a reference to a energy improve of 25% with the addition of the electric motor. A swift calculation yields pretty dramatic figures: the V8 engine twin turbo, the Mulsanne now create 631 horses and a torque of 940 foot-pounds, 80 a lot more than the Ford F-350 Super Duty-2015 …

We will see the hybrid Mulsanne for the initial time at the Beijing Auto Show, and Auto Guide will be on hand to attend its launch!

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