Bloodhound SSC: towards a speed record

Presently, the speed record for a road vehicle belongs to the Thrust SSC, it has managed to reach 228 km / h in 1997.

Since then, no one really seeks to achieve superior speed, technology could not design a vehicle ahead enough to beat this speed … Until now.

Here is the Bloodhound SSC designed precisely to break the record wins there are now 18. The real advantage of every last rocket avancees the modern world.

To propel the Bloodhound, the manufacturer has chosen to use the Rolls-Royce turbine EJ200 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter (note that this military unit is only given to the team, because the purchase costs are quite prohibitive … ). To supply fuel, we had to find a sufficiently powerful pump to provide 40 liters per second. The manufacturer Jaguar has therefore decided to help the Bloodhound team by providing V8 supercharged 5-liter, the same as that of the F-Type R. In total, the vehicle Deploys the equivalent of 13151 horses!

The driver will be charged to drive this technological marvel will be Andy Green, the man is accustomed to this kind of vehicle, since it was he who was the Thrust SSC”s orders in 1997! Its mission will be further worked: he will reach no less than 609 km / h (in about 55 seconds if their calculations are correct) to the efforts of all the team are crowns of success.

Of Easter next year, Bloodhound SSC will conduct its first test, a small health walk is 322 km / h and the engineers will then use this data to refine the sports car for its record attempt in August 2016 in a desert of “South Africa.

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  • The manufacturer Jaguar also helps the Bloodhound SSC program by providing their F-Type
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