BMW i3 and i3s 2018 still as eccentric!

BMW”s city car, the i3 has spilled much ink since its beginnings as a 2014 model At the point where his style, at least different, has its eclipse all electrical mechanical, very original lorsqu”accouplee a small electric motor acting as generatrix.

The time had come to review its BMW i3, and accompanied by a more elaborate version, the i3s. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW unveiled the two cars, but do not expect to be reversed by dramatic changes. In fact, the differences are so subtle that it should look as it should, and twice to notice.

The best way to differentiate an old i3 new? The latter presents two horizontal LED lights has a forward rather than a round fire. There are certainly some details here and we invite you to see the photos showing. There are two new colors, Melbourne Red and Imperial Blue. More importantly, the front and rear tracks have been widened by 40 mm, which should improve the handling enough already noted. The changes are equally subtle in the cockpit. Note that the iDrive system is updated.

For a few more horsepower
Even the engine does not change. I3 and 2018 i3s receive a lithium-ion battery of 33 kWh. The electric motor of the i3 develops 170 horsepower and 184 foot-pounds, which was already a lot of version 2017. i3s to justify its s has the right engine of 184 horsepower and 199 pounds -foot. If the 0-100 km / h takes, according to BMW, 7.3 seconds (8.0 according to our stopwatch) driving the i3, one can subtract 0.4 second with the i3s.

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Whether i3 or i3s, there is always the possibility of adding a petrol engine has two cylinders of 38 horses, with his little tank of 9 liters (yes, as in nine 9, nine, nuevo, IX) does not add a lot of autonomy, but helps to reduce some of the stress of the energetics failure.

The i3 and i3s 2018 are already available in Europe and should put the tire in America by the end of 2017, according to our always very precise predictions.