BMW presents us the next generation of iDrive

BMW”s infotainment method, iDrive, has some reputatio: launch was marked by some efficiency difficulties (study our test of this method in the BMW Series right here in July 2003) and it was decried as getting rather complicated use. With the years, it is nevertheless substantially improves.

At CES, BMW we present the subsequent iteration of iDrive, which ought to be reflected in future Series 7. In addition to the wheel to handle the method, the manufacturer has integrated a touch screen, so it will be additional simpler than ever to interact with the pc. In addition, it will be also achievable to handle many functions utilizing the hand movements, gesticulating just above the shifter, iDrive study your movements and will make the needed job.

Lastly, BMW also presented a technologies known as TouchCommand. Below this name hides a futuristic nicely not additional technologies: embarquee Samsung tablet makes it possible for passengers to transform back radio, climate controls, the settings of the back seat, navigation or the intensity of heated seats.

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