BMW X2 : the attitude SUV ?

Shorter, lower, more dynamic, here”s the X2, a small SUV with a sporty BMW, a proposition unique to the brand.

The SUV, still in the SUV ! The X2 is the 6th model that meets this category at the BMW, before the next X7, which will therefore be… the 7th.

But let us return first to the X2, which was announced with a concept that is very faithful to the World of Paris 2016. To go straight to the point, it”s a derivative of more compact, more sporty and youthful spirit of the X1. The latter is still the SUV of the family, and leaves the sport at the X2. The X2 measure 4,36 m long and 1.53 m high, is a look significantly more compact than the X1. But beyond simple dimensions, it is especially necessary to evoke the silhouette, mid-size sedan upper mid-SUV coupe. His closest competitor, at least by the spirit, is the Mercedes GLA, riding him also on the two categories.

Compact, close-coupled, the wheels disposed at the four corners with overhang very short, the X2 looks after its appearance, and will even offer a few specific details such as the badges, the BMW landed on the rear quarter panel (which will remind the BMW E9 to the more old/connoisseurs among us), or a grille with nostrils reverse which gives it a look rather particular. The overall look of the concept is preserved, but, series production requires, the glass surface has increased, whereas the lights, lamps and shields are back to a bit more realism.

This has been re-elected, these are the original protectors of the bottom of the desk, fitting with the protections of the wheel wells. This provision, however, is only available on the finishing high-M Sport X. colors rather flashys and nice make their appearance, but temper your enthusiasm : you will have more chance to come in grey or white in our lands.

In the cabin, no surprise : it is simply part of the dashboard of the X1, are included with very small differences. It is the BMW, convenient, efficient, ergonomic but ageing a little, it has to be said. Compare with the last concept Z4 to get an idea of the future. Logically, the roominess is recessed relative to the X1, as well as the volume of the luggage compartment (470 l). The equipment is also taken from the X1 and has all the gadgets of the moment in term of security active/passive and media connection.

Engines at launch will be the number 3 only. The 20i petrol 192, in pull (yes, pull) and box dual-clutch 7-speed. The diesel will be represented by the 20d (190 hp) and 25d (231 hp), both in all-wheel drive. The range will also be expanded later with the 20i xDrive, 18i and 18d, but we will have the opportunity to speak.

We can give you the rates immediately. sDrive 20i 39 700 € 47 850 €, xDrive 20d 43 600 € 51 750 € and xDrive 25d of 46 000 € 54 to € 150. Without any options, of course. Marketing effective in march 2018.

The X2 comes in on a market that begins to gently weigh them down. In addition to the Mercedes GLA, as already mentioned, it will intersect the new Volvo XC40 or cousin Mini Countryman. It will be for him a look rather sporty and the promise to conduct a rigorous and dynamic, to check in an upcoming trial.

Photo credits : BMW



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