Buick Avenir Concept: the future of the brand?

Query dazzle us throughout Montreal Show, Buick has selected to bring his Future idea, which had been unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show final year.

Comic by the Australian branch of GM, the future is largely primarily based on old models of Buick ideas, such as the Y-Job in 1938. It recognizes a massive grid Chrome – homage to 50 years – and the acute angle of the roof is not as opposed to the Riviera of 60 years. 

To energy the vehicle, Buick has selected a new V6 engine, if the choice not to set up a V8 in the automobile in a surprise to some, this engine has the merit of getting frugal and cutting edge technologies. An automatic transmission has nine reports would also be on the system.

The carrier, which has been drawn by Americans, is lined with a screen of 12 inches, the automatic recognition of the driver preferences, charging contactless electronics, OnStar 4G LTE program with Wi-Fi and filtering ionization of the air in the passenger compartment.

For now, the Buick Avenir Notion does not generates a series of model, nevertheless, when we know was how China likes this brand in a handful of years it would not be surprising to see seem like a large sedan the idea …

  • Extra on Auto Show in Montreal in 2016.
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