Camp4 Porsche edition in 2016! (1:00)

If you look quebecois automotive landscape in winter, you will not see Ferrari, Corvette no, not even the shadow of a Lamborghini … If you are lucky, you will see perhaps an Audi R8, but it ” is roughly anything.

By cons, there”s a good chance you cross a Porsche braving the storm. What that vehicles of this manufacturer are more likely to play in the snow than their competitors? This is exactly what I was allowed to discover at the 2016 edition Camp4.

Launched in 1996, was at the base Camp4 program presenting the achievements of the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S which had been unveiled. Given the huge success of these few days, the brand decided to offer experience to customers, and, year after year.

What is this camp? The principle is simple: under the supervision of qualified instructors, happy lovers who enroll will learn the basics of driving high performance driving a brand new Porsche … and incidentally skidding at full speed on a snowy track .

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