Caterpillars motorized to weather the storm

Your car gets stuck on you off the beaten track? Let us to say that this situation is unusual for ordinary people, especially those who live in town. However, some professions require face these winter conditions daily. To settle the problem, a Canadian company has developed a very ingenious solution.

AD Cattle, a Levis company, has designed Track N Go, a system of motorized tracked by the wheels of your vehicle. The idea is so beast that we wonder why we did not think before.

Available since 2013, the Track N Go is an effective tool for those who must move in snowy trails. The crawler system, usually used on vehicles off-road in winter, was adapted for cars equipped with a system of four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission with low range option.

The mode of operation is simple. Each wheel is provided with a track which is fixed to 4 or 5 anchoring points thereof. Thus, the rotation of the tire operates a chain which itself moves the vehicle in the snow.

Caterpillars carry easily in the box of a pickup truck. They settle or abduct in just 15 minutes. The system is simple, robust and durable. The adventures off the beaten path are henceforth accessible to everyone!

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