Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28, 1979, a gem homegrown

There are some exceptional cars in Quebec! And the Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 1979 is another example eloquent.

Well, the Camaro this year it is far from scarce. Except that the state in which this copy is found today is hard to ignore. With only 42 000 kilometers to the odometer, this white Camaro is in a class apart. And it has just changed hands.

The new owner, Patrick Thibeault, is not at its first old car. And even if he confesses out of hand not be a big fan of this generation of the Camaro, he just could not missing out on a car like the.

I found these in an exhibition in Farnham, he says a few days hardly after having taken possession. Of all the cars there were out there, it”s the only one that catches my eye.

After a good talk with the seller, Patrick realized that the car bef

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