Chevrolet launches the Red Line Collection for SEMA

On the occasion of the SEMA (Specialty Gear Marketplace the Asssociation, the biggest exhibition of pieces of preparateurs and modified cars on the planet), numerous producers select to present exclusive cars to increase sales of their division pieces.

Chevrolet is present year soon after year this show has to show a lot more cars modified for the occasion, in 2015 will be no exception to this rule, given that they are no significantly less than 5 models that will be presented! The distinction with final year is that all cars are modified according to a identical theme, right here is the Red Line series (a name which is borrowed from a vanished GM division, Saturn).

  • 1st, the queen of the exhibition will be the Camaro Idea Red Line Series, and the correct has 20-inch wheels, a distinct air intake, bigger brakes and a lowered suspension. style rating, it receives black logos, crests, a grid supplied with red accents, the rear lights and smoke plates particular door sills,
  • Subsequent comes the new Malibu Red Line Series Idea, given that this intermediate sedan is not created for the track, it does have the correct of cosmetic accessories such as a spoiler, black rear lights, a luggage rack, a lowered suspension and 19-inch wheels,
  • The trucks will also honor the Silverado 1500 Red Line Series Idea Group Z71 graphics, significant 22-inch wheels, a black cap Exhaust (which is positioned at the finish of an exhaust line only), operating boards, a Gearon lashing program in the physique, tow hooks painted red and Brembo front brakes and a cold air intake kit,
  • Colorado Red Line Series Idea, as to him, brings with wheels 18 inch hose Goodyear Wrangler tires, an exhaust and a particular air intake, wings EXPANDED and many accessories to correctly safe your load.
  • There will also be a Red Line Series Trax Idea, which differentiates the simple version with rear lights smoke, reduced suspension, the 18-inch wheels and some red accents.
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Ultimately, will present Chevrolet Spark RS. This subcompact will be entitled to a set of low-carbon fiber box, alloy 17-inch wheels, a sport suspension and graphics providing it a sporty appear. If this vehicle knows the good results at the show, it is probable that the manufacturer decided to add an RS version of the catalog of the Spark …

  • Stick to the actuality of the Sema Show
  • Final year, Chevrolet has unveiled the Camaro COPO the Sema