Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD 2017: new Duramax engine, more torque

The brand-new generation of Duramax turbodiesel GM”s spot. This solid engine ended up being launched in 2001 and has now seen some improvements over time. Initially, it possessed a V8 cylinder 6.6 liter and utilized a turbocharger to come up with 300 horsepower and 530 foot-pounds, that has been impressive when it comes to time.

Now Chevrolet recently reveal the version that is latest of this mechanics. A stronger internal mechanics, oil flow improves, a new gas recirculation system and a pressure relief valve of the turbocharger Activated electronically, among others.

According among the improvements list, there is a block and heads renforcies to GM, the result is preferable to previously, however it is additionally more silencieu: if the V8 is idling, its 38% quieter than before.

And We spared the very best for the end: the 6.6-liter Duramax today develops 445 hp and torque of titanic 910 lb-ft of 1600 rpm! This locations it in 2nd place with regards to energy, just behind the Ford Power Stroke and torque of 925 foot-pounds. Pulling capability is 9072 kg (20,000 pound), or even a 10 568 kg (23,300 pound) by way of a 5th wheel coupling / gooseneck or gooseneck.

You will get the hands with this iteration that is new of Duramax in Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD 2017 that they will arrive in dealership!

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