Chevrolet Spark 2016: more for less

Montreal, Quebec)The arrival of the Nissan Micra in all probability generates endless discussions in the meeting rooms of some makers. For years, they had been attempting to push the sale of their mini vehicles, without the need of excellent achievement, and right here comes a brand new model and killing on sales palmares Canada.

The instant recognition of the Micra can be explained by its exceptionally low price base, its aggressive promoting campaign and – admittedly – friendly face. In significantly less than two years, Nissan has elapsed much more than 20,000 units in the Canadian marketplace, most of which are identified in Quebec. In La Belle Province, if there is not a Micra in your field of view is that it is hidden behind a Ford F-150.

The response from Basic Motors adopts a equivalent approach, due to the fact it also desires a share of unprofitable walking minicars. The Chevrolet Spark 2016 is absolutely redesigned compared to the 1st generation sold right here due to the fact 2012 (millesime 2013), and its base cost is set at $ 995 ahead of the transport and preparation charges.

When she was introduced to the Auto Show in Montreal in January, it became the most cost-effective automobile in the nation, 3 dollars significantly less than the Micra. Because the 2016 edition the compact Nissan ended up at dealerships without the need of producing as well considerably noise, displaying an MSRP of $ 988.

Chevrolet emphasizes that the new Spark presents much more gear for $ 7 added. And as ahead of, we target a younger consumer with a want for connectivity, but who cares tiny for functionality and handling. Note that other rivals in the segment of minicars are the Mitsubishi Mirage, Fiat 500 and wise fortwo.

In the urban jungle
We took the road to the city aboard a Chevrolet Spark LS 2016, equipped with a manual transmission has 5 reports. GM we had planned a day fascinating with tests to be achieved by means of the city, like selfies, hashtags and publications on social networks. It did absolutely nothing of ca. We wanted above all do our job and drive the automobile, and that”s what we did.

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Tiny Spark is enjoyable. The former 4-cylinder engine of 1.two liters, anemic and noisy, tends to make up a new 1.4L that develops 98 horsepower and a torque of 94 ft-lbs. The energy is modest, but the automobile is not sluggish at all. For cons, the manual transmission aids to make it much more exciting behavior, with a light clutch and precise stroke of the lever.

Compared Nemesis Micra and 109 horsepower, the Spark is not as speedy at takeoff, but the distinction is marginal. On the other hand, the manual transmission of the Spark is much more pleasant. In terms of driving, each are nose to nose.

On the other hand, we will save about one particular liter of gasoline to 100 km opting for Spark rather of the Micra. With the manual gearbox, the combined fuel consumption of the new Spark is established to six.9 l / 100 km. Mitsubishi Mirage remains for now the champion of non-hybrid vehicles, sipping about half a liter significantly less the exact same distance.

As for the optional automatic transmission is constantly variable, we have not had the likelihood to attempt, but we will make that we can get hold of a Spark equipped with the CVT for a much more complete test. Through this 1st get in touch with, we favor to evaluate the fundamental version to see what we get for ten thousand dollars.

New type, significantly less cockpit
The physique of the Chevrolet Spark 2016 is new, and compared to the outgoing model, we think that his style is gaining in maturity. The wheelbase is slightly longer, but the automobile is shorter and his way is narrower. The roofline was lowered by 66 mm.

Smaller sized proportions of the automobile also signifies that the passenger is a tiny significantly less roomy, which was the highlight of the former Spark. The space for the head to the front is nonetheless generous, but we can no longer put on his Stetson driving – hipsters do not put on anyway, so it”s not a huge deal. Disengagement for the head and legs at the back is also down, though two adults can sit all the exact same it comfortably. We remind you that the Spark is a automobile 4 passengers, though the Micra has 5 seat belts.

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Cargo space is also decreased, from 323 to 313 liters. The maximum volume with the rear folded folders is 771 liters for the Spark 2016, compared to 884 for the earlier Spark. By the way, the trunk of the Micra represents a volume of 407 liters, so a tiny larger.

The interior finish is neater than that of Nissan, though in each instances, the rigid plastic adorns the dashboard and the door panels. The style of the interior of the Spark is much more contemporary, not surprisingly, due to the fact the design and style of the Micra is a handful of years currently.

A branch sales pitch
The 2016 Chevrolet Spark or casts a shadow has its rival, it is in terms of gear series. In spite of its MSRP below $ 10,000, to which have to be added transport fees and $ 600 for preparation and dealer charge of $ 250, the Bluetooth base LS presents connectivity, the MyLink infotainment program with touchscreen seven-inch, Android Auto and Apple carplay integration, USB port, camera back and two years of upkeep cost-free of charge (roughly, oil alterations). It also has Wi-Fi hotspot OnStar 4G LTE, which on the other hand needs a subscription charge.

The Micra has none of that for the exact same cost, but each vehicles had ice deal with, door locks do it your self-even and regulation of mirrors without the need of electrical help. Chevrolet believes these traits, say, minimalist, do not disturb the early automobile purchasers interested by Spark.

By opting for the automatic transmission in the LS, you have to also select the air conditioner and the cost rises to $ 13,895. The 1LT version presents $ 14,195 cruise manage, keyless entry, electric windows, alloy wheels 15 inches and up, though the CVT box adds $ 100 to the bill. The 2LT version involves $ 18,195 CVT box, a sunroof, heated front seats of a leatherette upholstery, a startup has push button and a parking help, a pre-collision warning front and output warning way.

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GM expects that 25% of purchasers select the version Spark base LS with the manual transmission, though 50% will favor the 1LT release. The rest will be content material with a 2LT or automatic LS, the latter becoming significantly less exciting than 1LT, due to the fact it gets a lot much more gear for a supplement of $ 500.

Can we be pleased driving a automobile costing deca-ten thousand dollars? If you can reside without the need of air conditioning and some comfort of attributes that one particular is accustomed to seeing in contemporary vehicles, the answer is yes. If an infotainment program with a host of connectivity possibilities is a have to, then the Spark will be a greater option than the Micra minicar or any other on the marketplace.

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Model was tested

Version tested

Cost variety

model of cost testing

Simple warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Consumption (city / highway / observed)



Sturdy points

Weak points

Chevrolet Spark 2016
995 119 $
$ 99
years / 600km
years / 1600km
7.eight / five.six / n.d.l / 100km
Fiat 500, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Mitsubishi Mirage, wise fortwo
  • quite exciting entry cost
  • finest driving and motorization
  • Bluetooth and series of reverse camera
  • Not as spacious as the old Spark
  • Cost variety unequal
  • tiny friendly Folding rear Records

Appreciation card




multimedia Program

Agrement driving

Basic appreciation

three.five / 5Pas so poor, but this is not the minicar significantly less power on the marketplace.
three.five / 5The high quality bearing is significantly enhanced by the former Spark report.
three. / 5The 1.4L is nervous, and the manual transmission is pleasant.
four.five / 5An excellent program contemplating the base cost, connectivity with Bluetooth series as effectively as integration Android Auto and Apple carplay.
three.five / 5The Spark is amusing to drive, at least, when equipped with the manual transmission.
four. / 5An exciting option for a 1st automobile purchaser, and a size to rival the well-known Micra.