Chevrolet Trax 2014: Exclusive and elegant

As published in the 2014 Auto Guide

There is not so lengthy, it was simple to blame the Chevrolet division of immobility. Certainly, it was quite a few years just before a model is changed whilst the engineers have been pleased patch has not constantly lifts the leading of the technologies. It is no longer achievable to bring such accusations because this brand has awakened: in the final 18 months, all models have been amended or renewed. This incorporates the Corvette and Silverado, two extremes!

But even a lot more, new models appeared in the variety. The Spark, Sonic and the Trax are names that have been not in the catalog there are a handful of months. And the Trax is distinctive in becoming a Canadian exclusivity. Certainly, our southern neighbors have preferred to give precedence to the Buick Encore, a a lot more luxurious model attractive to the very same platform and the very same mechanics.

Little but sophisticated
Chevrolet was not afraid to innovate with the Trax as it is a sub-compact SUV belonging for now no other category. In reality, only the Germanic cousin Buick Encore can be aspect of this list, as effectively as the Nissan Juke and it can involve even a lot more so the MINI Countryman sold a great deal a lot more costly and aimed in reality has a distinctive clientele.

Officials designers silhouette of Trax have place on the simplicity of the lines. At the front, no frills, this is primarily the grille that draws the eye. It is crossed by a fairly wide beam on which we graft the knot Chevrolet butterfly. At every single finish of the bottom of the box just before, it was up colour contrasting vents order to balance the visual presentation. Note that the bumper and the rocker skirts are black, edge and with the bodywork. This is a fairly economical strategy, but tends to make the impact. And if in the case of the Buick Encore appeal is created has sculpted flanks for this Chevrolet, it is primarily the relief wing of passages that are a lot more in proof. The rear section includes the theme of sobriety whilst it is the brake lights of fantastic dimensions that draw the eye.

Most new models presented by Chevrolet in current months we impressed by the high-quality of the dashboard. That of Trax does not exceptio: all the components are simple to access and manipulation. Note the presence of two glove boxes and a storage space below the seat of the passenger. For cons, the plastic employed is fairly challenging, which appears to be the norm in this cost category. The front seats are fairly spacious and comfy seats. The back seat can suit has two medium-sized adults will not really feel it was cramped. Lastly, as soon as the files back folded down, the cargo space is respectable even.

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A effectively-balanced dose
It is particular that a automobile sport utility automobile propelled by a 4-cylinder 1.four-liter turbocharged 138 horsepower is not most likely to play the adventurers. Certainly, provided its size, its mechanical configuration and its integral cog has automatic engagement, it is particular that the Trax is mainly a automobile to urban land and forest tours will be restricted to travel on secondary roads. That stated, we ought to admit that this tiny Chevrolet intends international march draws quite effectively small business in all situations. It is accurate that this is not a racing automobile with blistering accelerations, but all the very same loop -100 km / h in just below 10 seconds, which is not as well undesirable contemplating the energy plant.

On the road, the road behavior of Trax is sincere, cornering and handling is fantastic even if the brakes are a bit spongy, they slow down the automobile inside a affordable distance. By cons, if you take your self for a rally driver and push the automobile to its limits whilst driving at higher speed on a winding and bumpy road, you quickly will find out the limits of the suspension … That stated, I doubt that the engineers that have created this automobile had sports use in thoughts.

As aspect of the presentation of this model, I had the chance to ride the wheel of a version integral cog whilst a thick layer of snow covered the floor. In spite of tires which have been of typical overall performance, Chevrolet city and nation has managed to negotiate the course with aplomb whilst the undercarriage was nonetheless in appointment.

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General, regardless of some limitations, this Chevrolet defend honorably. By cons, it will appear close the catalog of solutions, otherwise you could finish up with a bill that will often higher as that of an Equinox, larger and a lot more strong.