Christmas Gifts: Books for All!

Christmas Gifts: Books for All!

Year after year, the book is one of the Christmas gifts the most-liked the car enthusiast. Yes, despite the e-book or Internet, the good old book with paper pages remains a must. And for the car lover, the offer is printed large.

In Quebec, the publication without any doubt the most given at Christmas is still the Car Guide, with its 720 pages of information on all models sold in Canada, its comprehensive technical data, its winners for each category and one on …

A subscription to a magazine is also a gift always appreciated. And, choice there! For this reason, it is good to know the recipient’s tastes. If there is a classic car enthusiast, the excellent review quebecoise V8 Passion or a magazine like Hemmings Classic Cars will be interested. He prefers the new cars? Road Track Car Driver, Car, and a host of others offer beautifully. If these are the modified cars, large motors or audio systems that light up, there was assuredly a review for it!

Some books or journals speak of the car in general, others, one brand or even a single model (Mustang or Corvette, for example). Finally, there are those who are more technical and will address a precise topic. The list of subjects subsequently assembled automobile is endless, ranging from maintenance to driving, through some very interesting biographies.

In Quebec, there are few shops or internet websites specialized in selling books on cars, often uses, but in excellent condition. Some publications only cost a few dollars, others are? Collection of works. Before putting a high price, we must return to the base, know the recipient’s tastes.

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