Chrysler 200 2015: Third test successful

As published in the 2015 Vehicle Guide

What to do when we all attempt to seduce purchasers intermediate sedans and this nonetheless does not perform? Get in touch with Group Alfa Romeo to the rescue! In any case, it has completed with his model Chrysler 200. Fiat, the parent business, has supplied the platform for the Giulietta and engineers went to. Resulta: an all-new Chrysler 200.

Sophisticated and nicely equipped
And as has leave to zero, as nicely do it with style. The front of the auto displays sophisticated and sculptured lines, with nicely integrated headlights and a slim grille adorned the wing logo of Chrysler. The eye then moves smoothly to the rear along the sloping roof slope. For 3 quarters back, it just about appears like a hatchback.

The European platform of the Chrysler 200 is related to that of the Dodge Dart compact sedan, which suggests that there is not a great deal space in the interior than in other intermediate size autos. In addition, the roof slope substantially reduces the size of the rear doors, a tiny complicating access to the seat, even for passengers of modest size.

As soon as effectively installed on the inside, even so, we locate ourselves in a universe actually a lot more pleasant than ahead of. With a great deal a lot more versatile supplies and design and style curvaceous, the cabin of the 200 is at present the very same level as that of its rivals. The leg space is massive adequate, at the front and at the back. Approval technologies contain the most recent version of the Uconnect interface. This program has touch screen is 1 of the most effective on the marketplace with its thriving graphic design and style, its operation speed and ease of use. Simple versions have a smaller sized Uconnect screen. In all models, it is now a rotary knob on the center console which the automatic transmission handle. Chrysler aimed to make the 200 a lot more opulent than ever ahead of. Ought to admit that the objective has been accomplished, in particular if you opt for the declinations 200S or 200C (rather than the LX Restricted or, a lot more modestly equipped).

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Lots of speeds and two motors
The automatic transmission with nine speeds, a very first in this category. Developed primarily based on the economy of gasoline, the box operates nicely in particular with the V6 three.six-liter Pentastar optional. This engine produces 295 horsepower and 262 lb-ft. Operation is smooth and it delivers respectable accelerations, just about sports, and absolutely a lot more thrilling than these of the old models. With the Pentastar, 1 can opt for the front or integral.

Regrettably, the marriage amongst the base engine and the transmission speed is nine significantly less thriving. The Tigershark 4-cylinder two.four-liter delivers fantastic puissanc: 184 horsepower with a torque of 173 lb-ft. But when it comes to downshift, the transmission is hesitant, and the shifting is especially dry amongst the very first and the second ratio. It outcomes in an driving encounter a great deal significantly less enjoyable than the V6. I guess with his most abundant torque, the six-cylinder mask largely the rough side of the transmission. Relating to the efficiency energetics, by cons, Chrysler can say mission achieved: the two motors consume 25% significantly less fuel than when they have been in the models of the preceding generation.
On the Chrysler 200 bearing the Pentastar engine, it appears that the suspension keeps the auto improved anchored to the ground. Nevertheless, all versions give a steady and comfy ride, what ever the road circumstances. Only if we push the 200 a tiny tougher in corners that we start to see seem the calibration distinction amongst the models to 4 and six cylinders. But this sedan is not made for slalom anyway. This is a auto that desires good to go to perform or to take the loved ones on a trip. In this point of view, it is quite thriving.

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To summarize, the Chrysler 200 2015 is a lot more attractive, a lot more luxurious and comfy than the model it replaces. And if you opt for the V6, you can also add it presents a clearly superior conduct. With the 4-cylinder engine, it loses some points since of the rough nature of the automatic transmission.