Citroen Numero 9 Concept: a new expression of the DS line

Complementary to the main line of Citroen DS line explores new automotive territory. With cars with more radical choices, it opens new perspectives in the world of premium vehicles.

Inspired by 90 years of history and automotive excellence, Citroen has put into the DS line the best of its know-how in terms of creativity and technology. Two years after its launch, the DS line, composed of Citroen DS3, DS4 and DS5, already totals more than 20,000 sales.

The history of the DS line continues this year with its commercialization in China. This is why the brand will present in the first world to Beijing salon concept car Numero 9. A concept that prefigure the future of the DS line and announces the stylistic codes of the next 3 models of this lign: a sedan segment C Premium sedan, an SUV and a high-end segment sedan D.

The concept car Numero 9 sublimates the DNA of models in the DS line by adopting a bias inception, with a unique and recognizable style, strong in imagination and emotion, refinement and exceptional finishes, driving sensations unpublished and real benefits for everyday use.

His charismatic figure revisits the concept of shooting brake, while introducing a new identity in front, designed to be endowed with the full-hybrid plug-in technology. This concept car shows and outstanding performance (50 km range, 295 bhp, boost, 39 g / km CO2). Audacity, the requirement of creativity and the best technology.

Source: Citroen


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