Corolla 2016: Queen used cars

Ah, Corolla! A boring car, some would say. Whether they like it or not, the Corolla is the best selling car in the world! So many people can they be wrong? The call to the number being a fallacy, a fallacy, let”s just say that it is the opinion of most experts, that despite a conduit rather boring, Corolla represents too valuable to be ignored.

Most of this value is based on its reliability. Year after year, this Toyota shows statistically, because it does not break. It is a car without problem, without worries and without trouble. Hence the interest to a text on Corolla 2016, while 2017 is widely available in dealerships.

With the arrival of this new generation, there will be bargains in shops, and considering that the 2017 model does not offer much more set apart a new look and series of security systems, buying a Corolla 2016 could be the bargain of the year.,Corolla 2016: Queen used cars

Model was tested

Version tested

Price range

model of price testing

Basic warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Consumption (city / highway / observed)



Strong points

Weak points

Toyota Corolla 2016
1160 $ ​​205
$ 194
years / 600km
years / 1000km
8.4 / 6.4 / 7.5L / 100km
Chevrolet Cruze, Dodge Dart, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte, Mazda3, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Sentra, Subaru, Volkswagen Jetta
  • comfortable rear seats
  • comfortable suspension
  • reliability unmatched
  • Bit expensive maintenance
  • fuzzy Direction
  • driving boring
  • Automatic transmission CVT makes the engine noise
  • just engine power
  • overtaken petrol Economy
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Appreciation card




multimedia System

Agrement driving

General appreciation

3.5 / 5Elle will do best in a category or has become so economical.
4.5 / 5L”un strengths of the model!
3.0 / 5The 132 horses are a little tight, the box CVT makes the engine noise during accelerations.
4.0 / Basic 5Systeme easy to use! overtaken GUI.
3.5 / 5Pas driving pleasure, but we appreciate its comfort and comfortable rear seats!
3.5 / comfortable and very reliable 5Voiture, but it does not shine.