Corvette GXE, the electric car fastest production in the world

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The electric cars are not only vehicles that allow you to save fuel at the pump, they can also be ultra efficient. If we know all the performance of the Tesla Model S P100D, some a bit more marginal manufacturers also give a heart joy this chapter.

The Maryland Genovation firm speciallise in the development of green vehicles axes on high perormance. The manufacturer has developed and markets the GXE Corvette, a 100% electric car whose power electric motors rises to 660 horses. Autonomy? A little less than 250 km. What distinguishes it? His exhilarating performance. The firm provides for build and sell 75 units this year. Online orders are open if you are interested.

Last February, the GXE Corvette reached a speed of 209 mph (337 km / h), making it the only electric car production and lawful road has to be homologuee for superior speed 200 mph (321 km / h ). Here in video beating the speed record.

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