CrossBlue Volkswagen Coupe Concept: a much different approach

At the International Show in Detroit automotive, Volkswagen had presented its substantial Initial Planet Cross Blue notion, heralding a new SUV that seats seven will be positioned in between the compact and substantial Tiguan Touareg. A automobile will be assembled at the factory in Chattanooga to dimensions of the Passat reserved to the North American marketplace.

This time at the Shanghai Auto Show, the giant German recurrence by unveiling its notion CrossBlue Cup.

Rather imposing this automobile measuring 890 mm lengthy, 020 mm wide and with a wheelbase of 980 mm.

Its silhouette is that of a reduce 5 portieres heightened, would leave to believe that this notion could serve as a promotional automobile to the arrival of the subsequent year, a new SUV, indicated to come face stunning BMW X6.

rechargeable hybrid
Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe Notion inherits a rechargeable hybrid, composed of a V6 TSI direct injection engine related with two electric motors.

Collectively, they combine a force of 409 horses.

They are mated to a dual clutch automatic transmission has six gears.

Approval numbers:
–    accelerations from to 100 km / h in five.9 seconds
–    prime speed of 146 km,
–    autonomy of 33 km in all electric mode,
–    autonomy of 190 km in combined mode,
–    consumption of three. L / 100 km.

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