Distracted Driving: Modern Contradictions

In early October, The Car or truck Guide is go to Quebec to attend the conference The distractions, organized beneath the 27es Interviews Jacques Cartier Center (an organization that bridges in between Francophone pros). Query getting into the thick of it, we took the road to the capital in a Ford C-Max SEL 2014 endows the program infotainment MyFord Touch and Sync voice recognition. On the soporific Highway 20, the distraction is coming from the inside …

For two days, the specialists in road security have kept us on the behavior of customers, automobiles, the regulation and infrastructure. Distracted driving is a supply of accidents whose value is tricky to quantify – will admit (coming out of the pit) that he was in the course of action of texting? In France as in the United States, would represent 16% of distracted accidentes. In Belgium, this price would be 40%!

Distractions can be visual (a Ferrari!), Manual (manipulate radio), cognitive (a complicated calculation that follows you from your desktop) or hearing (a hoot). The telephone at the wheel covers them all, but you can also be distracted by your thoughts, or random instance, by deciphering the menu of the navigation program of a C-Max. Shall p

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