Electric vehicle according Volkswagen: a single battery, less costs?

Presently, the major obstacle to the achievement of electric automobiles comes from the price of productio: it is doable to style a automobile with 400 km of autonomy, but it calls for so substantially engineering it is not lucrative to sell significantly less $ 7,000.

Volkswagen have extended been attempting to democratize this mode of transport, faithful to his people today”s automobile name, the German brand presents totally electric versions of the Golf and its Up !, a city that rolls in Europe (yes, the point exclamation is portion of its name).

It appears that the manufacturer is in the procedure of preparing a new era for electric automobiles: in an interview, Heinz-Jakob Neusser, improvement manager at VW, announced they have been exploring a new avenue that could lower battery production charges (one particular of the most costly components of an electric automobile) of practically 60%. It”s devilishly not additional: rather than create a single battery for every single automobile, all models of the VW group would use the very same battery.

This modify would not only lessen the charges, but also improve the production price.

Ultimately, the labs VW also functioning on a new form of lithium-ion batteries that could include up to five instances much more power than these at present utilised. 

Time will inform if Volkswagen will succeed in democratizing transport with no gasoline.

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