European Mazda2: She inherited a turn of the smiling grille

European premiere for the Mazda2 facelift at the Paris

This year, the Paris Motor Show in Paris, Mazda will pride to autos has low levels of consumption and emissions. Its little city auto, the Mazda2 – elue auto of the year 2008 – has undergone a facelift and will be presented in European premiere in Paris.

European Mazda2
His major alterations are as follows:

• New front of the iconic models of the brand and interior restyle

• New variety of Euro V engines

• Chassis optimized to an even greater driving comfort

• Introduction of an automatic transmission version

European Mazda5
The Mazda2 facelift will be joined by the all-new Mazda5, which inaugurates a new diesel engine especially sober, the 1.six liter MZ-CD. Specifically financial, the Mazda5 minivan has a household vocation that gives the following options:

• 1.six liter diesel engine sober and potent (five.two l / 100 km, 115 hp)

• Reduce CO2 emissions by 15% to these of the preceding two.-liter diesel

• new box of fat-lowered speed manual six-speed

• seductive design and style that tends to make it completely special in the compact MPV segment

• inside a nonetheless superior modularity thanks to the Karakuri technique that can accommodate up to seven passengers and sliding doors back.

European Mazda3
Mazda will present its new Mazda3 also equipped with an optimized version of the diesel engine 1.six-liter MZ-CD. Supplying much more energy and torque even though displaying reduce levels of consumption and pollutant emissions, this new version is distinguished by:

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• maximum energy up six hp

• a greater maximum torque by 12%

• consumption of four.four l / 100 km and a CO2 level of 117g / km

• a new box of fat-lowered speed manual six-speed