EXCLUSIVE: BMW M2 2016 – BMW”s soul

FWAAAP … FWAAAP FWAAAP … … This is one of the most delightful sounds that perceives the wheel of the BMW M2 on the Laguna Seca circuit in California. This sound emanates very particular the contact between the tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport and buzzers a very low profile with localized points of entry, string and output the eleven turns of this long circuit over 3.6 km.

The track also includes a particularly striking elevation changes, such as the Corkscrew turn that initiates an equivalent lowering the height of a building of seven floors … Fortunately, my first laps here date back to 1981, while the Circuit was even faster than in its current form, and I right away find my marks. What followed? Pure happiness, nothing less …

spiritual descendant of the 2002 Turbo
The new BMW M2 2016 is somehow spiritual descendant of the legendary BMW 2002 Turbo, marketed by the Bavarian manufacturer in seventy years. More direct parentage is also the 1M Coupe that had won honors comparative sports game of the 2012 edition of the Auto Guide.

But unlike the cutting 1M which was a skunkworks realized such projects almost in secret by a bunch of engineers of the division M, and without the approval of the leadership of BMW, the development of the current M2 has been in parallel with the design of the Serie 2. the unveiling of the M2 was held at the recent Auto Show in Detroit.

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Ready for track
On the very fast circuit of Laguna Seca, which requires that we keep the greatest possible momentum in the turns, the M2 is really in his element. Weight? 565 kg with the manual gearbox six series of reports, or 590 kilos with the box double clutch seven-speed optional. Distribution of the masses? Almost perfect: 51% at the front and 49% at the rear. Tire equipment? Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245 / 35R19 in front and 265 / 35R19 at the rear.