FCA prepared two surprises for the Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2016

The Moab Easter Jeep Safari is an practically religious occasion for fans of Jeep. Bringing collectively hundreds of passionate in a desert complete of off-road tracks, this veritable festival now in its 50th year.

Even the manufacturing is in mel: in current years, Jeep presents exclusive ideas at Easter Safari and gauge the interest of its fans to diverse specifics. For instance, if the brand installs a new bumper and every person enjoy it, there is great possibility that the MOPAR catalog give this space for subsequent year.

This year there will be at least two surprises Moa: Jeep has published two pictures above, providing us a taste of the cars that will be presented.

The 1st will be known as Crew Chief, it is as well early to speak about specifications, but we can see that it is a Wrangler with a absolutely redesigned front section to emulate that of the truck Jeep J 3000 of 60 years (or notion Jeep J-12, which had been presented in 2012). As we do not see the back, we can assume that this is a van.

The other notion will be even much more fascinating, you can hardly see something in the image, but we know he will be named Trailcat … There is only not to do to envision that Wrangler is entitled to a HEMI V8 supercharged six.two-liter and 707 horses!

The Moab Easter Jeep Safari started on 19 March. The brand will present these two cars are in addition to 5 other individuals that are presently drapes of mystery …

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