Five Canadian used cars Results Showing more than $ 500 000

Well-off or not, you are probably already come to the idea to get yourself a car except that the price of a house (or two, depending on the region). For those who have the means to go beyond the stage of daydreaming, the market for used cars is sometimes the right place or find the gem expensive, sometimes because its production is over a long time, sometimes because the current model costs the price of … three houses.

In short, in this great week, we decided to search our section of used cars to find you five cars that carry a price tag that approaches or exceeds that of the $ 50,000.

Some of the great ladies of the automotive world is all the same very recent and have a very low kilometrage!

#image.jpgFerrari F12berlinetta 2015 #image.jpgLamborghini Aventador Roadster 2015 #image.jpgLamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 2016 #image.jpgPorsche Carrera GT in 2005 #image.jpgFerrari Superamerica F1 2005

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