Folder Quebec: Plethore LC-750, the first supercar quebecois rolls

It is the national holiday and what better way to mark this event, the presentation of a great car all quebecois: Plethore the LC-750, a vehicle that could admire the last Auto Show Montreal . Place has the Plethore! – writing

Luc Chartrand has always fascinated by the exotic, these major sporting incredibly long, low, fast and sleek. These so-called supercars. Until then, nothing exceptional. The story becomes so when self-taught builder decided one day to design, develop and produce its own exotic. In Quebec.

Electronics engineer of profession, Luc has also worked in the field of aeronautics and avionics. But it”s a car buff, who made a specialty of manufacturing rigorously exact replicas of Italian sports. Ferrari and Lamborghini especially.

Premieres models
It was mid-thirties when he begins to imagine his super sport amid the year 90. The drawings and sketches succeed each and in 1998 he makes a first model to scale just for fun . The result is quite successful for it to find a first potential customer enough packs to pay a deposit for a first car.

This client is Carl Descoteaux, a passionate dentist for Mechanical. He came from Granny to see replicas Luc Chartrand factory after reading an article that praised their exceptional quality. This same first customer will pay a deposit for a second of his sporting future and will become, soon after, a combination.

In 2000, the project materializes. Luke ends has its other activities to devote himself fully to the creation of his supercar. He founded a company that was then called Locus Technologies. A first scale model was produced in 2002. His idea was to build the car while on known and modest mechanical bases, but soon decided to go thoroughly and develop a true supercar with no compromises.

First walkabout and funding
The first Plethore is unveiled at the Montreal Auto Show, January 19, 2007. She is black and the V8 which it is intended is exposed behind it. The two men who are dragging the black veil that covered the car are Carl Descoteaux and Sebastien Forest. They are known to be at school HEC before Carl does reoriented in dental medicine and Sebastien did full studies of law, specializing in international management. He will join a HTT Technologies (for High Tech Toys), as president has, in the fall of 2008.

Carl Descoteaux continues to invest in the firm and to increase its stake. He spends 40 hours a week in addition to his work Dentist: It does not make me long nights of sleep, but the hours do not appear when it is a passion.

HTT multiplies its representations to government agencies that can provide financial support to research and development companies. She receives particular support from the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade of Quebec and Canada”s economic development agency. To date, it”s about $ 1.5 million that was devoted to the development of Plethore and the largest portion of this amount has been expended in recent two years.

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Coups d”eclat American
After the Montreal Salon Luc Chartrand and John Dorrington, a seasoned bodybuilder became his assistant at HTT, engage in the manufacture of a more refined version of the super-car central engine. Luke brings him constantly changes. After a year of hard work, HTT unveiled a new orange Plethore, the giant SEMA show in Las Vegas, the Mecca of exceptional and modified cars. The car caused a sensation and raises a series of articles and reports in the media from everywhere.

Step follows: the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale Arizona celebrated during the month of January 2010 which however has missed the Plethore its Montreal return. It resumes at Toronto Auto Show in February and finally crossed the Atlantic to attend the Top Marques Monaco exhibition in mid-April.

Next etap: production
Luc Chartrand took fifteen years to get to the car before us, motionless, imposing, in workshops without any pretension of HTT, just outside the Autodrome St-Eustache. Its designer looks and initially said it is worth a few million. He changes his mind and says is in fact it is priceless. It”s also not the car HTT account soon occur. Too large to be carried in a container without risk of damage. Since HTT account the sale has Plethore especially abroad, is a major argument.

The series of Plethore be narrower about 8 cm but also longer than ten centimeters. This is the wheelbase who wins, but Luc Chartrand ensures that the passenger will be longer by almost 30 cm to accommodate larger sizes. HTT fully digitized the car with the help of Creaform3d and initiates the finite element analysis and virtual wind tunnel work with people of Lx, two Quebec firms on the cutting edge. Luc Chartrand is particularly proud of the aerodynamic drag coefficient (Cx) of 0.37 of its creation. Not bad for an empirical aerodynamics.

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If the body is the soul of an exotic, the engine is definitely his heart. HTT says that of Plethore will be a version of the fabulous V8 LS9 Corvette ZR1 compress of whose power should reach 750 horsepower (hence the LC-750 name with the initials of the designer). The engine would be in preparation specialist at the American Pratt Miller, who leads the team Corvette wins the great classics of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Daytona.

Running is another dream Luc Chartrand, who would like to run his car in series American Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, nothing less. The Plethore is already equipped with a safety cage integrated into the carbon fiber structure and in accordance with FIA standards. Buyers will embark on the track or racing without adding a cage afterwards, as was the case with the McLaren F1, for example.

The current modular suspension can be replaced within hours by pure racing suspension. Yet, the Plethore rolls on Corvette hangers modified. Chartrand also includes the equipping of air springs, that will change the ground clearance as required and ensure a good ride comfort.

The objective of HTT is to produce four or five cars a year and Luc Chartrand assures us that he will do all that work in existing workshops with John Dorrington. And if the order book grows to beyond that number, he already imagines a production system where each car would have its space, as in the F1 teams.

First prudent and promising towers
We are the first to drive the Plethore was outside of HTT. It must first slip into the position of central control, a stunt reminiscent of access to a race car. The driving position is just right for my medium frame. The Living longer is a need for larger. A thrust on the startup button, the ceiling like a plane, and the V8 roars. The exhaust sonority is fantastic. Luke keeps the secret of its recipe.

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Clutch sinks, I draw on the very short lever of the electronic selector and go. The speeds go very easily. It is only a short trial run, very careful, but Plethore impresses especially by its solidity. This is a prototype, but it is just a room, without a crack. Ride comfort on bumpy stretch of St-Eustache circuit remember the Audi R8, the best reference.

The Plethore LC-750 inspires confidence but the first real test will come later. The first buyer, an American, comes as we go. It will give sweating has Luc Chartrand, sitting at his side, driving his precious prototype much more energetically, but it is racing. He claims to love already better than the Lamborghini and Ferrari he owned.

There is much work to see the early Plethore out workshops HTT Technologies. But the LC-750 is already astonishing, spectacular, well designed and really moving. Next versio: LC-1300 Devil. You soothsayer: 300 horsepower. A consei: do not bet against Luc Chartrand and his associates.