Ford F-150 2011: There is not that the King Ranch and Platinum …

Most menes tests by publications specialized in the automobile are realized while driving vehicles equipped. Indeed, manufacturers generally lend cars or trucks equipped well, probably in order to influence the judgment of the journalist. We must admit that it is more pleasant to walk around in a vehicle that pampers us in another which we breaststroke box has bones!

Yet there not long ago, Ford lent us an F-150 that, without being totally helpless, was far from displaying the level of equipment typically found on a press vehicle. Members of Team (our team of special projects …) could go fishing with STX SuperCab 4×4 model to team base engine, a 3.7-liter V6.

Small engine, large lake
This engine has beautiful being the smallest, it develops all the same 302 horsepower at 500 revolutions / minute and 278 foot-pounds of torque was 000 revolutions / minute. It is not probably enough to impress the girls on Friday night Sanair but ample for the majority of uses. In fact, in the words of our cronies, they never felt that their F-150 has struggled spot in the small roads leading to their lake. It must be said that the truck has never been very solicits or for towing or for loading.

The loading capacity (payload) for the model that we had is 510 pounds (685 kilos) against 080 (943 kilos) for the same model equips the V6 Ecoboost 3.5-liter. As for towing capacity, it stops at 500 pounds (2495 kilos) while the Ecoboost boosts the figure 800 (445). therefore the data are regular V6 pity next to those of the Ecoboost but we must understand that not everyone who needs to tow heavy loads. And since Ford no longer sells its small yet popular Ranger, this basic model comes in a certain way, take over.

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If few fish for such a big Viree …
Although it is a rather quiet release, Ford has equipped with an automatic transmission has six gears, as in all other F-150. This box works smoothly and many people do not even realize that there is one! 4×4 wheel is not very sophisticated but it is effective and that”s all we ask! In the end versions, the transfer case is controlled by a rotary knob connected to an electric motor. In our trial, we found a rather good old lever to the floor. Its handling requires certainly more vigor in the right arm but he”s so manly!

Our model possessed the double cabin, a term that smile, especially when we know that the rear doors are of the suicide (that is to say that they open upside. And no, I do not know no where does that name!) and they open onto rear seats offer more or less space and comfort. At least when the seat is raised, you can store quite large objects directly on the floor, especially since there is no hump in the middle.

Of course, since this is a fairly basic version, we do not find wood paneling on the dashboard or leather on the seats or electric mirrors. Good thinking on the part of Ford, we had planned to equip our test unit of the command optional trailer brake. At the front, it is entitled to a full-width bench seat and the central part, if no one holds can become a armrest. Outside, our test model was equipped with all the same some interesting options for the feet (running boards, removable steps to access easier checkout and finally a removable walking to climb gracefully into the box) . In addition, there were a swap body extension.

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Big speakers, lil makers (our team, not the truck!)
The base price of our F-150 test was $ 2794. The train and 4×4 box of 6 feet 5 inches are raising the price $ 3223 but these almost $ 500 worth it, if only for the resale value in a few years. If one can easily happen chrome running boards $ 700 and tray footsteps $ 300 which was endowed rating vehicle, SYNC system is $ 500 which fortunately was not endowed our vehicle and adjustable pedals ($ 200) we can not, against, do without the controller trailer brake even if one does not often draws a charge ($ 300) and tailgate steps (removable walking) to $ 300. Finally, our test vehicle was costing $ 3569. However, Ford offers many incentives and the invoice has finally high $ 3734 before taxes. The, it starts to be very, very interesting …

If your budget does not allow you to splurge but you need a pickup for lightweight work, it is my opinion that a visit to the Ford dealer would not be a bad idea! This is our team of special projects (!?!) Tells you!

PS: Last piece of advice. You can trust to our guys for advice on the automobile. To fish, go to IGA.


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Ford F-150 2011
STX 4×4 cab. Double (6.5 “)
2649 $ 644
$ 334
years / 600km
years / 1000km
13.4 / 9.8 / 13.5L / 100km
Chrome running boards ($ 700) Set Running ($ 300) Controller for trailer brakes ($ 300) Tailgate Step ($ 300) bed extender ($ 350)
Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, RAM RAM 1500 Toyota Tundra
  • Confirmed Robust
  • relatively economical 3.7-liter engine
  • Six-speed transmission
  • cheapest
  • rather hard suspension
  • Some expensive options
  • Do not give the talent the fishermen …
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