Ford Mustang: Ecoboost vs GT or be … or not to be (a real Mustang)?

Ford Mustang: Ecoboost vs GT or be ... or not to be (a real Mustang)?
Ford Mustang: Ecoboost vs GT or be ... or not to be (a real Mustang)?
Ford Mustang: Ecoboost vs GT or be ... or not to be (a real Mustang)?
Ford Mustang: Ecoboost vs GT or be ... or not to be (a real Mustang)?
Ford Mustang: Ecoboost vs GT or be ... or not to be (a real Mustang)?

Some ferus performance enthusiasts, the only true muscle cars are those that hide a V8 under their hood, do not they speak a vulgar V6 Mustang or Camaro possessing less than 8 cylinders, these cars deserve no consideration has their eyes.

This is exactly what kind of people that Ford has enraged by launching its Ecoboost Mustang, with a small four-cylinder 2.3-liter associated with a turbocharger, this model has been much ink.

Both in terms of price and performance, EcoBoost variant is found between the base V6 and GT. If it is obvious that she does not come and dethrone the GT V8, can it nevertheless a spot and convince fans it deserves to wear the Mustang badge?

To find out, the Car Guide has decided to arrange a match between the Ecoboost has the Mustang GT. It is a pleasant way to see is how the EcoBoost can claim to be a Mustang … and also to see if the new WG keeps its roots pony car.

Some precisions

First, departageons the two models in the range: the Ecoboost Mustang begins at $ 30,149 for that price, you get a 310 horsepower cut with a manual gearbox six reports. If you would like a V8, go for the GT V8 with a cylinder of 5 liters develops 435 hp and is also associated to a manual transmission has six gears. This racing car is however accompanied by a bill for $ 39,149, or $ 9,000 more than four cylinders. Our two test vehicles (the orange convertible is Ecoboost, while red cup is our GT) were richly equipped, but their sets of options were very similar, after all, the gap of about 10 000 was $ respects. Eventually the two were with Mustang Performance Package – notably including excellent Pirelli P-Zero tires of size 255 / 40ZR19 at the front and 275 / 40ZR19 at the back – so no had no advantage in terms of traction, only their engine would differentiate them.

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No surprises

Let’s start with the simplest party decide: in performance, Coyote 5-liter V8 still reign as king and master. Our 0-100 km / h the fastest of the day took place in 5.8 seconds, while the Ecoboost could not do better than 7.9 seconds. The two cars have identical records stops: to stop from 100 km / h and the Mustang have needed just 2.9 seconds 36 meters. Finally, it is interesting to note that even if the Ecoboost version has less torque (320 foot-pounds against the 400 of 5 liters), it is not easier to start, after a few tries, my time gap between the worst and the best departure amounted to 0.6 seconds – is the same as with the GT.

Beyond speed

But it’s not just speed that counts (I know, what revelation!), For everyday life, should we pay absolutely a surplus of $ 10 000 to enjoy the real Mustang?

In a word? No. Because…

In 95% of cases, the orange convertible Ecoboost has admirably tiree business, she is agile, its manual transmission shifts gears to way more than adequate and good quality of cabin does not give the impression of having was compression victim budgetary level plastics … the fact that it also rained convertible, to enjoy the late sun. His orangee dress attracted several looks, and many onlookers was that we talked about during our match had no use for the lack of a big engine under the hood.

For those who wish to enjoy driving a sport has the American, the Ecoboost will maximize each full thanks to its combined consumption of 9.3 liters per 100 km – 12.8 against the GT. Finally, driving of the Mustang Ecoboost is the same as that of the GT, since both bagnoles share their entire steering system as well as the majority of their suspension components. There are really only two downsides of the Ecoboost: its sonority is not the most inviting (the rustic sound of her four-cylinder and the hiss of its turbocharger would be adequate for sporty compact, but they not have their place in a pony car!), and you will have to avoid the traffic lights or you could end up with scores of GT!

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By cons, if the performance attracts you to the Mustang, the additional amount to provide 5 liters is well worth the investment: not only it will be devilishly faster than Ecoboost, but it also provides the sensations expected of this type of vehicle – the car that gives the impression to twist under the effect of the power when pressed on the accelerator, the guttural sound, the couple diet low …) .

Long ago, I was of those who considered any Mustang without a big V8 as lower now after spending time has lead the new girl, I’m ready to make it a place at the big table. But in my humble opinion, nothing in the world will never replace the sonority of a big V8 in the American … even if it must pay the price.

When we did this comparison test, we have been accompanied by Mireille Perras, a young woman who loves cars. No, that love it !!! Following the match, Mireille has sent us his impressions. It is our pleasure to present to you the, as we have received them.

On August 24, 2015 was a memorable day for me. I am a girl passionate by cars. I like the sound of engines roaring, the smell of leather in cars and that of gasoline. As profession, I wish to be automotive columnist. Through my personal orientation course and two very nice guys Car Guide, I had the chance to participate in a comparison test between the Mustang GT and the Mustang EcoBoost. While a privilege, I was fortunate to attend the trial of two high-performance cars.

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My preferee, the Mustang GT.

I like modern design and has both retro. The suspension is lower than that of the ecoboost. Good comfort and a good smooth ride. Good handling. Braking of great efficiency. The technology of the line-lock system that allows controlled way a great show to impress the curious smudge.


 This is the most intriguing among the model Mustang. The engine is powerful and the sound of the turbo during accelerations is great. The reversing camera is convenient and the startup has push button. His bulging hood forms enhances the look. The back of the Mustang is unique thanks to its rounded, lighthouses has triple vertical slats and massive exhaust tips.

I will long remember this wonderful day that allowed me to familiarize myself with my career choice. For those thinking has to buy a sports and performance car and loves to be noticed driving by passersby, I think the Ford Mustang GT is a great option to consider.