Ford won the Engine of the Year 2014 prices

Do you know the price tag of the international engine of the year 2014? This is a competitors involving all the engines at the moment on the market place. There are many categories in which a car can stands out: it separates the 1st cylinder competitors, and establish the winners. Then 4 awards are shared involving the operator: Green Engine of the year, efficiency engine, new engine and the grand prize, the International Engine of the year.

This year, the competitors in was at its 16th edition. 82 Fellows Plan in the international journalistic neighborhood had to share 25 points involving the top rated five in each and every segment. Immediately after a heated battle, right here are the winners for 201:

  • category 1 liter and Witness: Ford Ecoboost (1 liter),
  • Category 1 a 1.four ltr: Volkswagen TSi Twincharger (1.four liter),
  • Category 1.four to 1.eight ltr BMW / PSA Peugeot Citroen Turbo (1.six liter). This engine group the Mini Cooper S right here
  • Category two 1.eight liter: Mercedes-Benz-AMG turbo (two liters). This is the fabulous engine CLA45 AMG
  • Category two a two.five liter five-cylinder turbo Audi (two.five liters)
  • Category three two.five liter six cylinder inline BMW Twin Turbo Energy (three liters). It powers the majority of automobiles from the manufacturer,
  • Category three a four liter: V8 twin turbo McLaren (three.eight liters)
  • Category more than four liter V8 Ferrari (four.five liters). This gem has gained not only by its efficiency, but also for its efficiency energetics!

For the category Green Engine of the year, taking into account the consumption and the ecological effect of each and every competitor. No wonder consequently that Tesla has clinched the price tag, given that it is the electric car or truck the most sophisticated at present.

The category New 2014 engine sees Mercedes-Benz-AMG reward for his four-cylinder two-liter. He in the highest ratio when horses / liter in the market.

This is of course Ferrari won the award for efficiency motor with its melodious four.five-liter V8. It is also the only atmospheric engine raid have not one particular, but two awards!

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And the grand prize, the coveted trophy as International Engine of the year 2014 goes to Ford, with its three-cylinder Ecoboost! This is the third year that the little device gets this distinction, a record never ever equal in the history of the competitors!

If you really feel like testing this wonder device, it is out there in the Ford Fiesta SE 2014!