Get the state of your tires directly to your phone, ca you say?

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Usually, this is our family mechanic who shows us the moment when we must replace our old tires with new ones. When the time comes to change the season, he manipulates our tires and we evaluated the then advisor new, if any. However, if you have two complete sets of rims and tires and as you make your changes in your garage, this assessment tends to be forgotten or at least neglected. Nokian Tires, a Finnish tire manufacturer, has developed a precise and fast mode of assessment to measure the condition of your tires.

Nokian Tires boasts not only, year after year, to manufacture the best suited tire for difficult conditions, but especially to offer consumers safe travel at all times. And to achieve this, they developed a tire wear assessment of the system called SnapSkan. This is a PREPARED plate on the floor or the car has only to quietly roll over. A laser studied the state of your shoe and made an assessment in three dimensions while a camera photograph your license plate. Then you can download a mobile application, insert the number of your license plate and we will show you the results of your evaluation. In some cases, we even send you this information by SMS!

According to studies Nokian Tires, about 25% of accidents occur due to a shoe whose wear is less than the minimum acceptable threshold. The vehicles are more likely to hydroplane and increase their distance necessary to perform a complete brake, making grow the risk of accident.

With the development of such technology, the Finnish company believes that the evaluation methods of tire wear will be changed in Europe as in America, and to the benefit of drivers! In the north of the old continent, these sensors were installed at the entrance of some car washes and service stations. The idea is logical insofar as these are places often busiest visits by road users. According to the CEO of Nokian Tires, Ari Lehtoranta, if this project saves one life, it will be a success.

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