GMC is content to evolve Acadia 2013

For a vehicle that originally appeared in 2006 among our southern neighbors, we would have expected a more significant overhaul for this edition of the 2013 GMC Acadia.

Notwithstanding its “snout” most expressive and its new rear position lamps, the intermediate VUSs remains relatively similar to the current model.

But we are forced to admit that this new front suits him wonderfully.

In the inside, we went much further with a board in a renewed edge that henceforth instead has an Indo-entertainment system has hands-both more comprehensive and also more sophisticated. As expected, the Denali version can boast a finish, a presentation of the richest collections of generous and a series of equipment list.

Rating engine, it remains faithful to 3.6L V6 whose power passes 288 horsepower, seven more.

All couples have an automatic transmission has six gears.

Serie, the vehicle uses a wheel has traction before otherwise has integral traction with a few pennies more.

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