Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- a bit of history

Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- a bit of history
Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- a bit of history
Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- a bit of history
Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- a bit of history
Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- a bit of history

The Car Guide is presently in the 22nd edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in England. Why is it a landmark event in the global automotive year? Here is a little history about this festival for passionate.

In 1993, Charles Gordon-Lennox, son of the 10th Duke of Richmond, want to hold a rally collection of racing cars. Since he can have permission to use the Goodwood circuit, created by his grandfather in 1948, he simply invites everyone has its own domain, Goodwood House.

Big enough, Goodwood House? This is a manor house in Sussex, seat of the Dukes of Richmond. You can rent it for weddings or special occasions. But there is more.

The Goodwood Estate rating includes:

• A park adjacent to the mansion or held the Festival of Speed

• A racetrack or held each year, a major social event in England

• The Airport Chichester / Goodwood

• The Goodwood motor circuit redeemed by the family in 1998

• A golf club deprives

• A cricket ground

• A hotel, formerly a Marriott

The head office and assembly plant Rolls-Royce are two steps in the field.

The Goodwood circuit

In 1948, Duke of March bought a aerodrome of RAF and transforms it into road course. The track that goes around the airport will initially be based from 1948 to 1966. It will host number of raised races.

Closed for more than 30 years, it will be redeemed in 1998 by Charles Gordon-Lennox for his Goodwood Revival event of old race cars.

Of famous dead

It is on this track that Sterling Moss is seriously injured in 1962 in a Formula 1 race that does not count for the championship.

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In 1970, the one and only Bruce McLaren F1 driver and founder of the stable that still bears his name today, it kills the wheel of his car prototype Can-Am. The engine cover flew. The unbalanced car ends up against a commissioner. Death is instant.

February 1986, a young driver recently quebecois crown champion F 2000 Europe and Britain are made in the company tests its teammate Damon Hill in his new stables of formula 3. It kills 200 km / h on sliding a glass plate. His name was Bertrand Fabi.

The first festival

In the early 90’s, Charles Gordon-Lennox – or if you prefer, Lord March – desire to bring the luster of racing on the circuit of his grandfather. It invites owners of classic racing cars for A Sunday in the Country.

25 000 people present it June 13, 1993, the same weekend that the 24 hours of Le Mans. Lord March then ensures that the event does not coincide with the F1 Grand Prix and Le Mans.

Of this first Sunday, the host introduces a dimension of race. 1.86 km long, the road has nine curves and a height difference of 92.7 meters for a percentage of 4.9%.

Unlike the vast majority of motor sporting events, fans can be placed a few meters from the road to admire the performance of drivers and cars.

And now ?

With the success of the first editions Sunday is added on Saturday and Friday. From 2010 the organization, which receives 150,000 visitors per day, including an event on Thursday.

Here is what programming the festival offers:

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• The prices of race

• The Moving Motor Show, a car show to try the cars on the track

• The GAS or if you prefer the Goodwood Action Sports area, for all that has two wheels

• The paddock of Formula 1, more than half of the stables and drivers come to turn every year.

• The paddock superbolides, the largest concentration of supercars in the same place at the same time on the planet

• The paddock racing motorcycles and their drivers legend

• Pilots, the appointment of the year to meet with current drivers and legends of motor racing or motorcycle (this year, you will cross Rene Arnoux, BJ Baldwin, Ken Block, Marc Gene, Robby Gordon, Damon Hill, JJ Lehto, Jochen Mass, Felipe Massa, Sir Stirling Moss, Richard Petty, Nico Rosberg, Valentino Rossi, Sir Jackie Stewart, John Surtees.

• Music, four days of outdoor concerts to mark the launch of the new Mazda MX-5.

• The 20th edition of the contest of elegance and luxury style sponsorship by Cartier, probably the help of the most important automotive beauty in the world.

• This year, the central szene famous Mazda with, among others, a spectacular sculpture.

• The village of the rally behind the forest, for everything related to this category out of the ordinary.

• Former aircraft at the airport of Goodwood, which is belt by the circuit of the same name.

The theme of this year : Flat-Out and Fearless: Racing on the edge.

The festival site gives several classic examples to represent the thematic of this year. This is most striking our imagination? Easy! The duel between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux, wheel against wheel Grand Prix in Dijon in 1979. The classic of classics.

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