GT, the letters used in all sauces

We come back to test the Elantra GT, especially the 5-door Elantra. GT, in the case of the Ford Mustang for example, ca involves outstanding performance! At Ford, the GT is a supercar amazing. At Mercedes-AMG, the GT is the most powerful car, and do not think about the Volkswagen GTI!

Obviously, the GT letters are used in all sauces. But what they mean, what they would be assumed to represent the world of the automobile?

The GT letters stand for Gran Turismo, which in French translates as big tourism. In English, we should rather say Grand Tour, as that term originated in the Renaissance, when wealthy Europeans and young people began to celebrate their social status by making a grand tour of Europe.

The term was quickly adopted by the automotive world, in 50 years, to designate suitable cars help travelers to make a Grand Tour. Traveling with style, performance and comfort. What kind of car was it necessary, then, to make a long journey in luxury? Of course, large luxurious and comfortable cars.

This is what must represent the letters GT.

,GT, the letters used in all sauces

The best example is the Maserati GranTurismo. This big motorsport is primarily a comfortable and luxurious car, before being an extreme sports car. In fact, it can make the long drive with style, and if necessary, be driving fast on twisty roads. One might also think of the Bentley Continental, which responds well to this definition.

In time, the letters GT eventually be affixed to cars primarily a sporting vocation to the point of becoming a synonym for version with a larger engine. A force to pervert these letters, we are left today with a Hyundai Elantra Gran Turismo, which is nevertheless nothing but a hatchback version of the sedan … Nothing to do with the deeper meaning the thing!

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Anyway, before concluding, nuancons a bit. The GT letters are now essentially marketing. They evoke the performance point to the line. In all areas, there are words and adjectives that have lost their panache. The GT letters are a fine example.