Gumball Rally 3000 – Day 4: Amsterdam Reno

The difficulty when organizing a rally that started in Stockholm, Sweden, and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada, is there an ocean in the middle of the course … To resolve the difficulty in query, organizers charters two planes that will carry not only the drivers, media representatives and the other side of the Atlantic assistance teams, as effectively as the fleet of automobiles and trucks we pilots through the European portion this adventure.

The numbers do not lie and statistics connected to our air transportation assistance dispel the lots of myths surrounding Gumbal: the quantity of teams participating in reality the rally. It is announced that 120 automobiles are element of the occasion, but I counted sixty was beginning grid of the initially day in Stockholm, and there are 41 who go up on board 747 (referred to as at the final minute to replace Antonov). The 41 automobiles will be supplemented by an further twenty teams that will join us for the American portion of the rally. There are also a number of teams that have decided to leave their original car in Europe and rent a auto in the United States or to board yet another car that will wait for the landing. This is the case of Michael, and his strategy represents the spirit of the Gumbal: he abandons his Bentley at the airport of Amsterdam and he will jump into a Delorean arriving in Reno.

Prepared to fly
Get up in the morning to catch a plane waiting for us at the airport Schiphol. When I get out of the elevator of the hotel, I found that all the group for me and waits in the lobby, dressed in jumpsuits – the jumpsuits – green air army, and decorated Gumball logo . There is a single for me as well. At that time the, I do not doubt that I am preparing to devote much more than a complete day in a garment a single space, a initially due to the fact my childhood.

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All Gumballers had been proper mixture. So consider 200 individuals jumpsuit queuing at customs in Amsterdam – an intriguing knowledge … Definitely, we draw a lot of intrigue appears. It is also revealing to see the slumped posture and fatigue eyes that betray the effect on the group of almost f