Here is the 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune

When pondering has the original Beetle, 1 of the photos that comes in thoughts is invariably that of dune buggies. These autos lightened bases on chassis Beetle have been not strong and had no integral cog, but they promptly size a reputation bagnoles mat since of their light weight and their impressive strength (considering the fact that the engine primarily based on the rear wheels).

Volkswagen has each and every intention to develop on this achievement anta: just just before the commence of the Los Angeles Auto Show, the manufacturer has launched the production version of the Beetle Dune, a direct descendant of old buggies .

Primarily based on the VW Beetle Beetle Dune is slightly larger (1 cm) and bigger (1.five centimeter). If she is not in a position to cross the mountains, it will give at least impressio: thanks to bumper extensions and wing wheels and one of a kind contours, the Beetle Dune will pretend to believe outdoors the box.

Mechanics remains unchanged from the Beetl: a 1.eight liter TURBOCHARGED which 170 horsepower and sends its energy to the front wheels, an automatic transmission has six gears just serie.

Two models are planned: the Beetle Dune cuts come from the starting of subsequent year, and will be followed by a Dune Beetle convertible.

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