Hinckley Dasher Electric : two engines of the BMW I3

The yacht builder Hinckley takes a new direction for his old company for nearly 90 years: it becomes electric. This week, at the 47th international fair of yachting of Newport, Hinckley has unveiled the Dash, a luxury yacht is an all-electric of 28.6 feet, the first in the world, according to the company.

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The electric boats are not totally new. They dominated the waterways until the internal combustion engine will become a reference in the 1920s. In the modern era, Duffy Electric Boats manufactures its iconic cruiser from the late 1960s.

But the few electric boats available today are designed for calm waters, not rough seas. The Duffy is a small electric boat with top speeds of around 8 or 10 km/h as it crosses mainly around the marinas.

The Dasher is designed to be something different – a Tesla for the water, so to speak. Hinckley does not share the price publicly, responding that the ” price is available on request “. However, a spokesman said that the estimates exceed 430 000 €.

The Dasher, designed by Michael Peters, is equipped with two electric motors of 80 hp. The boat uses two lithium-ion batteries of 40 kWh BMW i3 (read our test), the electric car produced by the German automaker BMW. The batteries of the yacht to give him an autonomy of 65 km when it is driven at cruising speed of 16 km/h. Divide this distance by two if the boat is taken at speeds of 29 to 43 km/h.

The yacht can be charged in less than four hours by using the double load of 50 amps, which, according to gordon b. Hinckley, is usual on the majority of platforms.

The company has made a ship light in the painting by hand with a epoxy composite that has the appearance of teak to be varnished without the weight or maintenance costs associated with the teak wood real. The company has also used 3D printing to its titanium material and the details of the console.

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