Honda Pilot 2012: From the evolution of the automobile species

In a planet exactly where miniaturization reached microscopic levels (you ought to see the extremely smaller video camera I recue at Christmas and I in no way exploiterai more than 20% of the possible), or the engines drop but earn cylinders horses – thank you to turbocharging -, cars like the Honda Pilot are dynosaure figure. And, regardless of their modernity and refinement Clear.

These cars, it is the Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Flex and Subaru Tribeca. And the Honda Pilot. All these intermediate SUV present seven or eight seats and demonstrate road handling at least equal to that of a sports … ago thirty years.

The laws of physics
Take the Honda Pilot I had a trial for 3 weeks final fall. This imposing SUV weighs a lot more than 000 kilos. It is powered by a three.five-liter V6 with 250 horsepower and 253 foot-pounds of torque. It is uncomplicated to guess that just after a track of a quarter of a mile, it would be overtaken by a 201 horsepower Civic Si. Law of physics, merely. I doubt that the Pilot has been created for this variety of activities and the truth that it can accelerate from to 100 km / h in much less than 9. seconds (eight.eight to be precise) is a lot more than satisfactory.

Suspensions, independent to the 4 corners are not uncomfortable but they can hit fairly really hard on some bumps. In curves, the physique bends but not diminutively for an SUV. Nevertheless, if a Porsche Boxster leaned considerably, I would cry foul! The steering is precise surprisingly for such a behemoth even if in man? Slalom performs, it becomes really hard in the center. In truth, the limit of handling is considerably a lot more fixed by the seats that hold tiny corner by the Mechanical Components! The braking distance from 100 km / h by con

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