Honda Ridgeline (2008-2013)

Honda Ridgeline (2008-2013)
Honda Ridgeline (2008-2013)
Honda Ridgeline (2008-2013)
Honda Ridgeline (2008-2013)
Honda Ridgeline (2008-2013)

If there is a vehicle that offers roughly everything offered vans on the market, that is the Ridgeline. When launched in 2006, many of us have found rather odd. It is true that the design of the back part is unique. It accompanies the deceased Chevrolet Avalanche in this quest for transformation. This is not a full-size pickup truck or a utility, but a combination of all that.

The Ridgeline remains unchanged since 2006 and just shot his reverence for millesime 2015. However, Honda’s management maintains that it is only a momentary interruption. It should take place in the catalog from 2016 or 2017. It provides comfort and has the format of a utility, while providing cargo space in a box van. Except that this is inseparable part of the body. In addition, the loading volume can be increased with the help of an extension. The rear panel normally lowers and opens like a car door as required.

Its originality goes even further with its lockable trunk in the rear floor. It can easily accommodate two golf bags. Now that’s what we call versatility. It is not designed to work like the Ford F-150 pickup trucks and other of the world, but it can easily troubleshoot the casual user. It can also accommodate five passengers in comfort. One downside, however, about some plastics that are not worthy of the reputation of the manufacturer.

Under the hood houses a 3.5L V6, the same is used for the Pilot. The set is completed by an automatic transmission has five reports only. Its power is 255 hp for the 2008 model, but it falls to the model of the following year, has 250 hp, while the torque, it passes from 252 to 247 lb-ft. This reduction can substantially reduce fuel consumption without the necessity to turn the engine.

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Overall, the Ridgeline is reliable and offers a host of interesting compromise. Its resale value remains high and its consumption more reasonable than some competitors.

Approximate fares:

Generation: 2008-2013

$ 18 000 $ 34 000 @


  • 3.5L V6 (255 hp) (2008)
  • V6 3.5L (250 hp) (2009-2013)

CompetitionChevrolet Avalanche

To monitor: Nothing special


  • spare tire (2011-2012)
  • Opening behind the back seat, incorrect measurements (2008)

Recommendation: excellent


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