Honda wants to launch an autonomous car by 2025

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During our recent move to Honda Meeting 2017, the manufacturer took the opportunity to give us the truth about its latest developments in matters of autonomous cars and promises also to quickly catch up he took with respect to certain competitors. For many, autonomous cars relevent utopia while others do not see the interest, but manufacturers are aimed mainly to enhance the safety of occupants and achieve the goal of zero loss of life on the road .

It must be said, the majority of accidents are caused by … a driver. perhaps we will develop or car accidents are anecdotal. Instead of driving, why not read or watch a movie while your car brings you a destination? Why not recover time goes behind the wheel to do something more useful? This is the autonomous car bet.

A more difficult cohabitation
By 2020, Honda will launch an autonomous car level 3 which will conduct only on the highway and lane change as of 2025, the manufacturer would market a level

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