How skidding like a champion

Who has not ever driven his car once by Dishan: This curve is perfect to pull the hand brake? To my knowledge, few people! Among the few pleasures that winter brings us practice drift is by far one of my preferes. The feeling of carelessness and excitement to miss its skid and to lose control. What joy!

Andreas Mikkelsen, a professional rally driver, took part in a shooting in collaboration with Red Bull and it gives us some tips to properly control a skid if glacee floor. Here is a summary.

First, Mikkelsen has repeated several times that a car must dance. The best thing to initiate a controlled cornering is to walk behind the car to pop out of its axis.

Once well into dance, we must now continue while cornering control and finish to the desired location. For this step, Mikkelsen suggested to remain very fast, but never abrupt. Since winter temperatures we impose conditions for road very variable, the car does not behave the same way on the snow on the ice. The driver must be reactive to changes of adhesion.

Finally, the gas pedal is your best friend. The accelerator plays a key role in controlling the car. The against-steering lead the front of your car when the accelerator will take care of the back (in the case of propulsion, although obviously). The most difficult is to be confident enough to maintain a good speed throughout the turn. If the car slows down, the behind the vehicle quickly return in line with the front. Conversely, excessive speed will prevent your self to follow the curve of the road and you”ll soon find yourself deporte off the beaten track.

Obviously, this practice must be performed in closed circuit and safe manner. That said, enjoy the winter and have fun!

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