Hum Rider: anti-trafficking Jeep

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The city is often regarded as the best place to live or when you”re in search of proximity. Need a can of tomatoes? Awesome! The grocery store is two blocks away. For cons, I know of no city that speaks its automotive displacements in a positive way … Damn traffic!

After the raised bus that goes around the web, here is a solution for SUV drivers. Verizon, a telecommunications company, made a killing from advertisement with its Hum Rider, a sport utility vehicle able to fly over traffic. Henceforth, it is not only the bikes that exceed see you at peak!

The Hum Rider is in reality a Jeep Cherokee which modifies high interior of the vehicle is more than three meters above the ground, allowing it to exceed most of his colleagues during major periods of congestion. The system is powered by a hydraulic pump and an electric control generator has same the driver”s compartment. In addition, the Jeep is equipped with several cameras that ensure a sufficient height during overruns.

Obviously, the concept will not sell. He had intended only to talk and quite frankly, has ca works! The video has been around the web with more than twenty million views at present. One can easily understand why. Who would not dream of such a fireball?

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