Hyundai i-Flow Concept: A new intermediate has come

Like the Japanese suppliers, Toyota and Honda, who style certain models for European markets, the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai has also answering to automobile ranges to the wishes of the Europeans.

Hence it gives the low-variety i10, i20, i30 and i40 extremely quickly. The latter is in truth the replacement for the intermediate Sonata sedan, on the old continent.

Comic studios to Russelsheim in Germany, this conceptual sedan is meant as clearly stated his name, be a automobile with extremely smooth lines. In all likelihood, it would advantage from a figure extremely close to that of a reduce 4-door, as is presently the case for the new version of the Hyundai Sonata, which is about to be provided in America. Its penetration coefficient Cx in the air is .25.

This notion announced a substantial reduction in weight for a sedan of this category. Furthermore, it becomes the very first item from this manufacturer have solar cells on the roof.

Beneath the hood, we uncover a hybrid, composed of a diesel engine of 1.7 liter dual turbochargers, related with an electric motor utilizing a rechargeable polymer lithium ion battery. All couples have a box double clutch six-speed. Its fumes CO2 would only 85g / km.


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