Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: we drove it exclusively!

Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: we drove it exclusively!
Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: we drove it exclusively!
Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: we drove it exclusively!
Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: we drove it exclusively!
Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: we drove it exclusively!

SEOUL (South Korea) – The Car or truck Guide drove the new fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe in South Korea twelve days just before its official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe will be commercialized in Canada in the third quarter of 2018, at least for models equipped with two rows of seats and animated by one particular of the two gasoline engines proposed by the Korean manufacturer. At the starting of 2019, the higher-finish version has 3 rows of seats and a 4-cylinder two.two-liter turbodiesel engine will make its debut.

At present, the Canadian brand management was not capable to specify regardless of whether the third row of seats will be common or optional. For the 2019 model year, the present Santa Fe XL model, with a V6 petrol engine and 3 seat rows, will continue its course just before becoming entirely renewed and adopting a brand new name in 2020.

On the road

It was on the public roads of the Seoul location that we created speak to with the fourth-generation Santa Fe and the 1st observation is that a severe upgrade has been created for this SUV whose structure has is stiffened compared to the prior model. At the wheel, we really feel that the road behavior is drastically enhanced each in terms of comfort and dynamics. Compared to the Santa Fe Sport, the Santa Fe 2019 is 70 millimeters longer, 10 millimeters wider, and its wheelbase has elevated by 65 millimeters. These dimensions location it in between the present Sport and XL models.

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Thanks to this new design and style, as properly as a revised suspension geometry, the new Santa Fe gives a improved ride comfort. Concerning the dynamics, it is not at the level of German brand SUVs, but it approaches a lot, specifically when the Sport mode is chosen, the path then becoming a small firmer. Soundproofing is prosperous and life on board is serene. On the other hand, we would have liked the Santa Fe is equipped with steering wheel shifts, which shine by their absence, and that the brake pedal is firmer.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: we drove it exclusively!

Photo: Gabriel Gelinas

200 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque with the turbodiesel

Throughout this initial takeover, we drove a version equipped with two rows of seats and powered by the 4-cylinder turbodiesel two. liter engine that will not be out there at household, because it is a turbodiesel of two, two liters that we will have. With the two.-liter, we measured an typical consumption of 7.four liters per 100 kilometers throughout a trip such as urban places, highways and secondary roads.

The abundant torque of the two.-liter turbo-diesel engine has seduced us, and this bodes properly for the two.two-liter engine that is powerful at 200 horsepower at three,000 rpm and, most importantly, capable of delivering a couple of 320 lb-ft of 1,750 rpm. The only gearbox out there is an eight-speed automatic and the integral gear is common on the higher-finish version with a turbodiesel engine and the version driven by the turbocompress gasoline two. liter. The two.four liter naturally aspirated engine will only be out there on the entry-level Santa Fe.

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An endowment of serie etoffee

The Santa Fe 2019 is complete of sophisticated security attributes such as the automatic braking method that operates when it detects a further car traveling transversely. In addition, it is equipped with a method named Rear Seat Occupant Alert, which detects young children or animals rear seats and warns you of their presence to prevent the tragic events of young children forgotten on board. One more device, named the Security Exit Help, temporarily locks the doors to avoid passengers from opening them if a further moving car approaches the Santa Fe.

In terms of connectivity, there are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto attributes, as properly as two USB ports at the front and two at the back. Access to the third row of seats is facilitated by a command to fold and advance the seat of the second row at the touch of a button, but the clearance granted for passengers settling at this third row is restricted to the point exactly where these areas will only be made use of sometimes to troubleshoot. The new Santa Fe has much more cargo space than the Ford Edge or Volvo XC60.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2019: we drove it exclusively!

Photo: Hyundai

A much more aggressive appear

The cockpit adopts a double cockpit appear with clean lines and a fixed central screen, touch, and colors. It measures either seven or eight inches based on the declinations, and is positioned just above the central ventilation nozzles. The exterior design and style evokes a clear affiliation with the new Hyundai Kona by its cascade grille and its double-deck appear, the optical blocks becoming split in two.

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There is cause to wonder about the pretty low positioning of lighthouses which could be much more vulnerable. A false skid plate provides the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 a fighter appear, even though touches of chrome are related to the Genesis sedan style. We appreciate the flag positioning of the side mirrors and the smaller window just in front of which aids visibility throughout parking maneuvers.

There is no doubt that this 1st speak to was convincing and the new Santa Fe will permit Hyundai to face a competitors that has created more than the years. It really is a good job, but Hyundai is not preparing on stopping there, as the redesign of the XL model is imminent and a fourth-generation hybrid version of the Santa Fe will be added to the lineup in a handful of years.