Hyundai Sonata 2015: Things serious

No ovation and no collective hysteria when Hyundai has unveiled a totally new version of its Sonata sedan in intermediate living in New York final week. Rather polite applause for this 2105 model that begins the seventh generation of a series that debuted in 1989 at dwelling.

The surprise, the bold stroke, it was for the preceding generation. Lancee in 2011, she was WRAPPED a spectacular physique, with slender and worthy of a cup that had nothing at all to envy to these of Mercedes-Benz CLS and Volkswagen CC. She went out of the California studio Hyundai had christened this fluid sculpture style.

The Korean manufacturer speaking this time two. fluid sculpture for the new Sonata. A silhouette which incorporates the themes we obtain in the new Genesis sedan unveiled in Detroit in January. Particularly a roughly hexagonal grille and much less exuberant lines, just about angular, a standard sedan.

Deceptive appearances
However the new Sonata is much more aerodynamic than its predecessor, with fantastic trainee coefficients of .26 for the standard version .27 for Sport two.0T. Mainly because his bumper and side skirts are accented, his chest is a cover flap at the back and it rolls on bigger tires. The preceding Sonata had a coefficient of .28.

This stunning aerodynamic efficiency of the new Sonata also comes invisible things such as a substantial polypropylene foam board and fiberglass that runs the length below the car or truck and by the exact same token improves soundproofing.

It is a small bigger as well. Longest 35 mm wider and 30 mm greater than five mm. Its wheelbase has also lengthens a strong 105 mm, close to which a quarter (25 mm) degagement more leg at the back. Les has overhangs are shorter, which adds to the stability and agility.

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Was forward to the lead
Beefier and spacious, Sonata has anyway taken a handful of kilos regardless of gains in gear and safety systems. Far more preferably, the shell is stiffer than 41% and 35% by torsion and bending, thanks to a structure composed of 51% higher-strength steel Lighter 10%.

The engineers had been in a position to optimize the geometry and calibrations of a suspension which contains a pair of reduce arms in the back or the preceding model only had one particular. On the Sport version, the calibrations are firmer and the anti-roll bars had been a millimeter much more and diameter at the front and at the back.

The energy steering electric cogwheel is more rapidly on all models and the wheel itself is new and as irregular for a much more all-natural grip. The Sport model is entitled more than a sheath of leather steering wheel, has levers for speed just behind the pedals and has aluminum surface. All Sonata offer you 3 modes of leads: Eco, Regular and Sport. They modify the settings and the reactions of the accelerator, the automatic transmission and steering.

The Korean touch
The interior and the dashboard are all new as well. Hyundai currently merit of extremely higher marks for the presentation of its most current creations and says regardless of all be pushing even additional than the new Sonata. At the point of care texture and handling every surface, button and handle with which the occupants are in touch.

We shall have use the initial attempt but it promises currently. Particularly we have resisted the temptation to enslave a series of commands has a significant wheel as the German and now also the new 2015 Hyundai Genesis is located as an alternative, the center console has two standard horizontal windows or align series of buttons and keys fringed by two smaller sized dials for audio volume, the choice and regulation of temperature separated.

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Just above, contain the normal five-inch touch screen whose size is eight inches password if we offer you the optional navigation program. As usually with Hyundai, care was taken to improve the sensible storage in the cabin and to facilitate the integration of your electronic gadgets with a pair of 12-volt energy outlets and normal hook-ups in the tray has to cover up bottom of the console.

There are six levels of gear, divided in between standard and Sport versions. The gear series, usually abounding at Hyundai, contains daytime operating lights in LED windows and portieres for electrical controls, seats heated front audio chain has six speakers, a rear camera operating and Bluetooth connectivity . a heated steering wheel can be added, the front seats have electric adjustment and air conditioned, heated rear seats, xenon headlights, parking sonar, the startup button and a much more potent audio chain has 9 speakers.

The AC or actually counts
Absolutely nothing new below the hood, at least at initial sight. Hyundai was the initial to give wisely V6 for its intermediate sedan. It remains faithful to the exact same pair of 4-cylinder double camshaft in head, dotes has each direct injection and completely variable valve timing for its new Sonata.

The atmospheric version of two.four-liter and two.-liter turbocharged Sport models have even so each been meticulously reviewed. In each circumstances, the maximum energy has decreased (from 190 to 185 horsepower for the initial and 274 to 245 hp for the turbo) but the maximum torque is delivered at a reduce eating plan, which bodes nicely for flexibility, occasions and consumption.

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This is possibly a superior time to mention that the present version of the Sonata Hybrid will stay unchanged for now. There is small doubt that it will quickly have the new architecture considering the fact that substantial rivals all offer you such a model. The Korean manufacturer absolutely prepare new hybrid models (like a rechargeable version) that mark a considerable progress in terms of consumption and efficiency.

This is the rule in this ultra-competitive segment of essential value for substantial companies in North America. The message is clear. By deciding on the substance rather than style, Hyundai portion in hunting substantial sales figures rather than trophies with his new Sonata. The Koreans have possibly noticed that the Toyota Camry is the most effective promoting car or truck in the US, its biggest marketplace, for twelve years. It is passee practically unnoticed in the automotive press at its final redesign in 2011.

Ironically, Toyota unveiled at the exact same New York living a Camry radically refreshed whose shape and grille are significantly much more striking. A bit like the preceding Sonata. quickly we will see who is ideal.

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