Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and PHEV: Less and less fuel

Right after Detroit, it is the turn of Toronto view Sonata PHEV, the initial plug-in hybrid automobile Hyundai.

1st, the Sonata PHEV is entitled to a battery of 9.eight kWh which is six instances the ordinary hybrid Sonata. This should really supply an autonomy of 35 kilometers in all electric mode.

The electric motor of 50 kW is set in the automatic transmission has six ratios, replacing the torque converter. When the electric energy is exhausted, the 4-cylinder engine two liters requires more than. For the initial 100 km, the Sonata PHEV should really consume as tiny as two.five liters per 100 kilometers. In charge upkeep mode, you can anticipate an typical consumption of five.9 L / 100 km. A complete load take two hours with a committed charger, or five hours on the domestic energy grid.

The Hyundai Sonata PHEV will be offered in 2015.

In Toronto, as in Detroit, the manufacturer also shows an enhanced version of its Sonata Hybrid.

1st, the two.four-liter engine that have been discovered in the vehicle was replaced by a smaller sized unit: a cylinder two-liter, this mill is on the other hand shoulder by an electric motor a lot more strong than 38 kilowatts . Hyundai nonetheless space this engine in the automatic transmission has six gears, so that the energy is sent to the front wheels like a common sedan, the driver should really not really feel something of various. The transmission is now endowed with an electric pump oil, which reduces parasitic losses to the engine. In total, the Sonata Hybrid has an output of 193 horsepower and a combined fuel consumption rating of five.six liters per 100 km.

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