Hyundai Tucson 2016: It was time!

Hyundai“s designers have not chome in current years. Most cars have seasoned mid-generation of improvements or had been totally renewed. This is the case of Tucson who was starting to betray his six years (he was unveiled in 2009), a venerable age in the automotive sector.

The new Tucson clearly of Santa Fe in the nose, particularly in the trapezoidal grille. The back portion also refers to major brother. So we can say that the 2016 Tucson Santa Fe in the back! Specifically the glazed portion that goes in the back reminiscent of Santa Fe … and that will assuredly block visibility. 

Anyway, the entire is a lot additional dynamic than prior to. The dashboard, having said that, stands out additional and, in my humble opinion, it is improved managed than in Santa Fe. Its lines are softer, additional harmonious. The copy presented a preview of the initial was Of course a preproduction model. It was hence regular to obtain low-cost plastic variety and imperfect finish.

New and significantly less new
Approval engines, the North-American versions will get a 4-cylinder two.-liter 164 horsepower and 151 lb-ft (each information are estimated according to the press release but oddly equivalent to the existing two. liters!). This mill will be connected to an automatic transmission has six gears. There will also be a 4-cylinder 1.six-liter TURBOCHARGED developping 175 horsepower and 195 foot-pounds (of just after Hyundai). In this case, the transmission is an automatic double clutch seven reports. If I fully grasp the press release, these two engines will turn the front wheels and, optionally, all 4 wheels. In the latter case, the output can go from 100% at the front has a proportion 60% -40% among the front and rear wheels.

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The driver can pick among two modes, Typical and Sport. The electric steering promises, according to the press release, an enhanced really feel, higher precision and enhanced retroaction. We did hate to see ourselves!

The value of the 2016 Tucson will undoubtedly advertisements when the official launch date approaches, someplace in early summer time 2015.